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Magnificent Drop Zone

August 6, 2010 by No Comment

by Lisa Greyling

As the plane made its 20 minute ascent to 10 000ft, the vast Robberg Peninsula became smaller and smaller, appearing as only a small finger holding Plett’s iconic bay in a pale green embrace. Adrenalin manically started to flood my system ,and the higher we went, the more I questioned my sanity – or insanity. The view was sublime, but hat this has so often been described as ‘the most scenic drop zone in the country’ did little to calm my rapidly beating heart. But the fact that the instructor with whom I was to do this tandem jump had done over 1000 previous jumps did make me feel more secure. If he had managed to survive so many jumps, surely I could survive one?

The instructor had to literally peel my fingers away from the handle of the plane and as he did, we began our free fall – without a doubt the most exhilarating, show-stopping rush of my entire life. Our bodies collided with air and wind as we fell for 35 sec at 220kph and then, whoosh, our parachute opened. The noise and rush of the free fall transformed into a most serene, almost spiritual, experience as we gently and quietly descended back down to earth. So this is what it feels like to fly…..

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