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of a boet-based Dolphin & Whale watching excursion.

Head out into calm, azure seas and into an unforgettable adventure. Between June and November, whales arrive from the deep, chilly vastness of Antarctica and the South Pole. Usually hidden beneath the waves in one of the world’s coldest regions, locals and visitors to the town can see these incredible giants when they come to breed in the warmer, sunny waters of Plettenberg Bay.

Start with the launch of ocean-going motorboats, skim across the surf and then cruise quietly into the sheltered waters of the bay. See the first signs of the whales: blows and tail-waving actions. Your boat gradually moves towards these awesome, barnacle-covered creatures. Watch them roll and cavort in the sea, bobbing with heads held above the swell before diving down and waving their flukes at your boat. If you’re fortunate, you may see whales mating., or your skipper may surprise a female protecting her calf closer to shore.

The boat based whale watching companies has brought delight and awe to thousands of people from around the world. In their support of the Centre for Dolphin Studies, knowledgeable young research students accompany you on the boat, sharing interesting facts about the whales you meet. Sometimes a microphone is dropped into the water and, if whales re in the vicinity, you may hear them calling to one another, communicating in a strange language of clicks and squeals.

The waters of Plettenberg Bay are also filled with schools of dolphins. Dolphins have an interesting relationship with man and are the focus of international research, as humans strive to understand these beautiful creatures which seem so able and willing to live in harmony with us. There is perhaps no greater pleasure than to have dolphins follow your boat, jumping high into the air, streaking across the water’s surface, or flying out of the wave backs after a quick surf.

The boats take you to the shores of Robberg Nature Reserve. The lower reaches of the cliffs which form this peninsula (not usually accessible to people) are home to a large colony of endangered Cape Fur seals. From the boat you watch these seals, basking in the sun, or frolicking in the sea.

If you are a local and haven’t yet been into your Bay during whale season, you have missed out on an incredible journey into raw Nature. If you are a visitor, take the opportunity to see the whales (in season) or at any other time, go and watch the dolphins at play. Then view Robberg Nature Reserve from a different perspective. It may change yours.

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