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South Africa’s colourful headgear the Makaraba

June 18, 2010 by No Comment

A makaraba or makarapa, is the artfully created headgear of the South African soccer fans, not only do they wear the headgear the locals also support their teams by wearing the teams colours.

The word makaraba is taken from the local word for miner’s hard hats. Originally the term was used to describe workers who went away to seek work, in the mines.

The South African soccer fans used to take the hard hats to the soccer matches to protect their head against flying objects. These hats were originally used by soccer fans in Johannesburg and Pretoria and because the hats looked pretty boring, the idea of decorating the hard hats was born by Alfred Lux Baloyi 30 years ago and he would wear a hard hat at all his football matches to protect himself from rival football fans.

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