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The Emblem of Plett

August 30, 2010 by No Comment

written by Justine Engelbrecht

“Fascinated by its fragility and the fact that it has withstood countless storms and the ravages of ocean waves, and had been tumultuously uprooted from its sea-bed to be placed with the gentleness of mother nature’s caress onto the silken white sand of the warm sunny shore-line, this perfect treasure found. I admired it, deposited unscathed it was, and so occasional is it, that I deemed myself incredibly lucky”.

The most unusual pansy shell is a sea-urchin – or should I say “the most unusual sea urchin is a pansy shell”? It has a flat, wafer-like body which is covered by a coat of tiny spines. When the animal dies, the creativity of this life form is revealed in the shape of the pansy pattern, made by the tiny holes which allow its tubed feet to penetrate through the shell. It is these little feet which allow the urchin to grab onto rocks and to hold pieces of algae whilst they are eating.

The wonder of nature…..

our little Pansy Shell

Pansy Shell

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