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Up Close and Personal with the Bay

July 31, 2010 by No Comment

written by Lisa Greyling

As the sun emerged from beyond the snow covered peaks of the Tsitsikamma, it lit he bay’s surface with a dazzling slice of gold. The conditions were idyllic, it was unseasonably warm and windless and paddling seemed almost effortless. From my seat in the kayak, the sheer volume of this aquatic realm became clear and I knew then that it was possibly the closest I had ever come to the majesty of the sea. It was a 360 degree view of blue sea and sky. To be crossing its surface, so close that I could run my fingers through the water, was at once calming and thrilling. For some people, the ocean is their Genus Loci, or the places where their spirit resides, and the day I skimmed the surface of Plettenberg Bay in a sea kayak, I came to understand why. Then suddenly, up ahead in the distance, a v-shaped spray of a southern right whale broke the calm surface of the bay and we all gasped in spellbound anticipation. This is what we had all come hoping to see………

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