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What is berg winds

July 9, 2010 by No Comment

Today was berg winds in Plettenberg Bay and most of our guests were so amazed that it was so hot, yes we do have a great winter in South Africa, this is why I had to explain what berg winds were.

Berg wind are literally, mountain wind it is a hot, dry, squally wind blowing off the interior plateau of South Africa, roughly at right angles to the coast; a type of foehn. Berg winds blow mainly in winter, when a strong anticyclone occupies the interior plateau, producing outflow across the coastal regions of South Africa. They are especially frequent and noticeable on the cool west coast, where they set in suddenly during the morning, bring a temperature rise of 15°–20°C, giving maxima of 22°–35°C, and cause the relative humidity to fall from nearly 100% to 30% or less. Here, on days when the sea breeze sets in about noon, the temperature drops by 10°–16°C even more suddenly than it had risen at the onset of the berg wind. Berg wind episodes may last two to three days. Now that you know what berg winds are, we hope to see you in Plettenberg Bay.

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